Marketing tactic for ecommerce

Hi, I created an online activewear shop and have finally gained the confidence to launch it after trial and error with all the nitty gritty administration and legal details.

So far I have done a few paid instagram ads which haven't really brought a huge amount of traffic to my page or store , and have lined up a few influencers who have agreed to promote their choice of clothing, in exchange for promo for them and free products.

If im honest i thought i would have aleast one sale by now, but as of yet nothing! (Ive been live for around 1 week). I only use instagram for marketing as my age range is young adults (13-29). Ive read a few studies explaining instagram in particular has increased visibility (on avg these ages groups log in twice per day – personally I think this stat is underrated but you have to go with the figures) from these age ranges hence why I target instagram.

Is there any other source or I can try and utilise? Low cost would be ideal.


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