Review my site, plan and product? Leather business.

I apologize if this isn’t allowed. I checked the rules and it says no linking your site unless it’s a review, so I’m assuming these are allowed.

My site is

We sell leather goods that we handmake and handstitch. As far as the products go, we use the nicest leather available, I work hard to make pleasing designs, and everything is handmade by myself and my wife.

We also offer two wallets that are localized to two locations (where we live and where we used to live), with engraved maps on our favorite wallet style.

Our marketing plan is to grow through Instagram and Facebook, placing adds and consistently updating with images of designs we are working on or have made.

We’ve been online for about a week. I’ve placed a handful of promotions on Facebook targeting audiences that live in the areas where our map wallets are engraved with. The ads are simple explanations of the wallet with the same product photo from the page. So far it doesn’t drive much traffic, and nobody has purchased anything.

I’m not sure where to go with Our strategy, I did assume there would be higher demand given the proximity to Christmas and the nature of the wallets being high quality and unique – I didn’t expect a ton of interest, but a bit more, maybe thinking we’d sell a few a week. It’s hard to diagnose if the problem is the website, product photography, or strategy.

Anyone with any advice or critique of the site or products is much appreciated. And again, I apologize if this isn’t the place for this.

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