Anyone with experience in the board game/kids game market?

For some context, a family member built out a game product, it's unique, has a fun appeal, and the art work is well done. The website looks good too. I think the product is a great fit as a family game or kids strategy game (age 8-12). There might be some appeal to the hobbyist game market.

I don't have a ton of experience with ecommerce or with physical product, family brought me on cause I'm more tech savvy and supposed to figure it out (which I don't mind, I enjoy learning new skills), so I'm not super clear on what my expectations should be.

I ran some ad tests on FB, got an average cost per click of about $0.30, some ad sets down to about $0.18. For the initial test we pushed several hundred visitors to the website, but sales aren't happening. I'd hate dump a ton more into ad spend and it just be a waste, or be totally clueless about something.

If someone has experience in the space, what helps to get ecommerce sales rolling for a new game product? What do you feel is most important?

I'd love to pick someone's brain or receive some of reddit's sage wisdom.

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