Those of you who run ecomm business out of your basement..

I just bought a new home a few months ago, and decided to move my business back in-house and use the entire basement as my warehouse. I have no employees so I don’t mind saving a bit extra on warehouse rent as well.

I’m fulfilling about 100 orders every other day which takes up two large tubs like this . I’ve had a herniated disk for almost two years now, so everytime I lift these tubs upstairs or I get a large order and carry boxes downstairs it takes a toll on my back.

I’m trying to figure out a way to make this easier both ways, up and down. The ideal solution would be to have some type of electrical conveyor belt going up and down, but I could only dream for something like that. I bought a 6 wheel hand truck and it does not work at all for large tubs like mine and does not going upstairs and down the stairs as easy as the videos show.

As of now I’m just thinking to build a stair ramp with long plywood. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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