Where to purchase ecommerce website hosting from?

Hi everyone,

I planning to start an online store and got quote confused as to where to buy hosting from.

I am currently looking for a shared hosting plan where i get good website speed, decent server uptime in reasonable price.

I have considered 3 options: 1. A2 hosting : with WordPress + woocommerce (for ecommerce) 2. Bluehost: WordPress+ Woocommerce 3. Integrated wix hosting+ecommerce builder 4. Any other suggestions that you think are better?

I don't want to spend large amount of money since I am just starting and the above 3 options seem in my price range.

I would love tp get suggestions from you guys on where to purchase hosting from so that i get good website speed (since its an e-commerce business), and I will be selling in India.

Thanks in advance!!

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