Wix, Webflow, Squarespace, or Shopify?

One of my relatives has a small business. She sells DIY stuff mostly through facebook and instagram, and thought a website would benefit. She asked me for help, and I was doing research on what platform to use. While I have the programming skills to create the ecommerce site from scratch, I would like to use one of the site builder tools so she can use it without my help.

So out of the four, which one would you recommend?

Based on what I've seen, Webflow is great, but so good for ecommerce yet. I also read that for someone who has no understanding of HTML/CSS, using the designer may be a little difficult.

Shopify seems to be great, although the pricing may be a little high.

About wix, I've just heard some really bad things about it (don't remember specifics). One thing I don't like is that their sites aren't truly responsive. While they look good on desktop and mobile, resizing the site on desktop breaks the layout.

There are others like wordpress or woocommerce, but the reason I don't want to get into those is because they seem to require more configuration (such as setting up the domain …), but I'd just like to get her started so she can end up using it her own, without me.

Does anyone have any tips on gettin started? I think Shopify is the best option, but the pricing seems a little high, so wanted some opinions first

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