Serial entrepreneur joining the ecommerce game

I'm a serial entrepreneur who is joining the ecommerce game. I own a dog spa, dog hotel, salad bar, and pet supply store. I want to scale and join the world of ecommerce not only because of the great potential for profit, but to build an empire. I plan to research heavily over the course of the next few months and think about what niches I want to break into. I found a few products on Etsy and Alibaba that are wildly cheap that I can markup and reach 60%-70% margins and the demand is there (tech accessory). I'm going to start here.

  1. When you were just beginning, what do you wish you would have known?
  2. What amount of inventory should I have on hand at all times to ensure I never run into a situation where I have buyers but no stock. I want to run as lean as possible but not lean to the point where I'm waiting on inventory.
  3. Any podcasts that you would recommend?
  4. Any books that you would recommend?

Thank you in advance.

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