Why not send returns straight to the next customer?


I've wondered recently why e-commerce stores do not just send products that customers want to return directly to the next customer.

So let me give an example:

Customer A orders a T-Shirt from an online store and does not like the fit, hence would like to return it. He indicates his return wish to the store (for example by clicking a button at the store page), and the store then offers the T-Shirt again on his store page for a discount (let’s say 20%). Customer B can now purchase the T-Shirt for 20% off. iIf he does, Customer A gets an E-Mail including a shipping label with Customer B‘s address. Customer A packs the T-Shirt, prints the shipping label and sends it directly to Customer B.

In this case the store is willing to offer a discount because costs for handling returns disappear. Let’s just assume that it does not make a difference for Customer A whether he ships the package back to the store or to Customer B. Customer B enjoys the discount and also still has the possibility to return the product.

Maybe I’m missing something critical here. But why do stores not do this?

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