Email Solution for Uniquely Generated Reward Voucher

Hi everyone!

I have recently started my online store, and I would like to increase my sales using email marketing. But I am not sure is there any email solution can fit my needs.

The kind of email marketing I would like to do is like this:

– I would like my customer to take a picture of their products that purchased from my site and share it on social media and tag us.

– By doing so, I can get my customers' help to promote on my behalf, and increase my brand awareness.

– Of course, they are not doing this for free. Once they have shared the photos on social media. I will give them a discount voucher (via email) for their next purchase in my store, once I have verified their actions are completed.

So, here comes my problem, I do not know any email solution out there that can do individual targeting email. This is because I would like to send an "auto" email to each of my customers once they have done their part. All of the email solution I know (MailChimp, SendInBlue, etc) they distribute campaign email to an audience group, instead of individual email.

Of course, I can do it in a manual way. Creating a template email, and send it to customers one-by-one after I've verified their actions, using a random discount code generator.

I am just seeking an easier way out. Do comment below if you know there is any email service that can suit my need. (hope I have described my scenario detailed enough).

Extras Info

Web Hosting: Webflow

Current Email Provider: Zoho

Still exploring how to use MailChimp.

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