Shopify Or WordPress For Informational Blog that will eventually sell products

Hi Everyone,

A little stuck here… I want to create a website that gives you all sorts of information in regards to practicing yoga and will prioritize on teaching beginners. I am currently making an ebook that i will sell on the site as well. My idea was to write out various blog posts, while mentioning my ebook that is a guide to it all in various posts. Then i would either use clickfunnels to sell the ebook or something else (woocommerce or shopify?). I do plan on writing blogs the whole time while running this website but my end goal is to transition into selling physical products that go hand in hand with yoga. I want to create this brand and be known for the products and the information at the end of the day.

My question is, because i am starting out blogging should i start with a wordpress site then integrate woocomerce once i begin selling products? or should i get Shopify off the get go as they seem to work better entirely when it comes to selling products. I just know shopify isnt the best when it comes to the blogging aspect, and i wanted to use the blogs as an initial way of getting the business started and growing an audience.

TLDR; I want to make a business that sells yoga products. But i want to begin by creating yoga blogs and an ebook to sell with those blogs. Should i start with wordpress and then use woocommerce when i sell physical products or should i just start with shopify from the beginning.

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