What is the process to find a good full service marketing agency for my growing ecom business?

TLDR. I run a $100k/mo ecom biz and need a full service agency that can do a FB/email/Google/Pinterest marketing including organizing creation of content. As well as PR. Where do I start my research?

My wife and I run a business. She designs stuff and I basically do everything else.

Our business has grown a lot this year as we continue to launch new products. We will be doing $100k a month steady by the end of this year, after doing $2k in March this year

I have handled the email and fb ads myself, but it became to be too time consuming and monotonous for me to continue, especially when I think an expert can do better. I outsourced my fb ad management to someone heading into Q4 on a purely commission basis with ROAS tiers. And they aren’t doing very well

I am getting inventory sorted for a big promotion in Q1/Q2 next year. I am looking for a full service agency that can proactively run my marketing and help with PR.

I’m looking for an established agency that has helped brands grow to 10 figures and can be a one stop shop (with obviously my involvement). I want to see how long I can run this without any employees, so I’m trying to outsource key aspects to a single partner.

I don’t know where to start. I’ve googled a little bit. Neal Patel seems to be highly regarded as a marketer and he has an agency. But honestly since I don’t have much experience in e marketing, I’m really starting from a deep hole.

(And no I’m not looking for PMs for your one man shop, nor am I looking for someone that can help my in only a subset of my needs. I need a full service agency.

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