Inventory management and omnichannel listing software

Hi, I've been reading capterra and similar sites but haven't been able to nail down a choice for what I do. I've had contact with 3 companies: Inflow, TradeGecko/Intuit, and one other I forget. All 3 have told me they don't really feel they are suited to what I want to do for different reasons.

We are a small home business selling new records online. Myself and my wife are the only staff. We sell on Discogs, Ebay, Woocommerce and Amazon (in that order of volume). Approx 1500 orders per month but growing.

Discogs is a wikipedia-esque (user created) database of individual music releases with an attached high traffic marketplace that was built in the early 2000s and behaves like it.

It has an API and I have an abandonware plugin (Discpress Pro) that will pull data from my inventory there and list the items on Woocommerce. I have another plugin (Codisto) that will take my Woo listings and send them to Ebay (and Amazon).

When I receive an invoice from my distributors I add the details to a spreadsheet (450 sheets and counting) that I use to upload the details to discogs via CSV upload.

When something sells on one of the sites I have to go to my spreadsheet and mark +1 on my "sold" column for that invoice (FIFO). If the sale was not on discogs I have to mark the sale there since its my central source of data at the moment. When I feel like my inventory is getting low I re-order from the distributor I got the invoice from for that item.

This was fine to start with and we keep a much more accurate inventory than most outfits in this business but I need to automate it more to free up time to expand the business (order more goods, marketing etc).

I want an inventory management system that will collect my listing/inventory/item data from discogs via their API and hold it centrally in order to manage (create/edit quantity/end) the listings on Discogs/Woo/Ebay/Amzn as needed. It should also be able to create purchases orders from vendors as needed to maintain sufficient inventory levels of popular items and not re-order less popular ones (what I currently do in my head).

Is this utterly unrealistic or is there a solution out there? I understand I'll have to hire a dev to connect the discogs API to whatever solution I find but ideally the Woo/Ebay/Amzn integrations should be there already.

Thank you for any help.

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