How do I ask an audience how they would like to support me?

Hey everyone!

A little bit about my business:

I started my business through Instagram and quickly gained followers so I branched out to all social media’s and this past month I started selling Merch.

My stats are: 18-32 – 58% women 42% male 90k on Instagram, 2.2m engaged followers on Pinterest, 64k on tik tok, and 12k on Facebook.

I sell through Etsy and Shopify. My Etsy store does great by itself organically, so I hardly promote it.

I started a texting software, where I can engage with my audience in a more personable way. I send out daily inspiration and a few blog posts here and there.

My audience seems to LOVE the daily inspiration and I get about 98% positive feedback on the blog posts.

When I send out texts for my store, I get positive feedback; but hardly any sales and less of a response. I’ll get about 10% to respond, whereas I get 75-80% of a response on everything else.

My typical texts will sound like: “Today is my Black Friday sale! If you have considered supporting me, now is the time to do it!”

“I added this to the shop for you!”

“Thank you so much for the support over the years, here’s a coupon code just for you.”

“For every purchase we make, we are committed to donating to charities.” (I typically name the charity)

How can I ask my texting community how they would support me?

Sometimes I’ll get messages like: “Stop with the ads, we’re here just for the inspiration.”

To be transparent, I pay $150 a month for this texting software, so if I don’t make any sales then I’ll obviously stop it. It doesn’t make sense for me to constantly be giving out my time and content for nothing back.

What are your suggestions for me?

I want to ask my audience directly, how they would like to support me to keep this community going, but I don’t know if that’s appropriate.

I’m 25 and this is my first business, so I’m learning as I go. I truly appreciate anyone who can help with this!!

Thank you so much!

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