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Hello all!

I am a marketing intern for a small family-owned business and have been tasked to look for an ecommerce software/app/platform that allows me to:

• Sell products

• Has a packaging algorithm built-in**

• Conditionals (i.e. if someone is in X region, force them to use Y shipping carrier. If they live in region A, then they are unable to purchase product B; that sorta stuff)

• Wide Range of carriers (specifically I am looking for one that has shipping with Spee-Dee delivery, a smaller Midwest carrier service)


Would something like WooCommerce be able to handle this? Any other suggestions that would be a little cheaper? While I have some experience in coding and web-design (wordpress, shopify, wix), I am definitely not an expert on either of those subjects. So while I know there are options like using APIs, I’m not really comfortable setting something that technical up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



**I want the packaging algorithm to take into account volume and calculate the optimal packaging of the different products (with different volumes and sizes) so that the least number of boxes are used. Something like but built in.

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