Suggestions on making a site for a DIY shop

I'm trying to help make a DIY shop for a sole creator.

I thought Etsy/Ebay, but the problem is that what you see in the picture is not necessarily what you will get. Additionally, he also wants to start a blog.

He currently has a Facebook page and is an active member of a few communities. This is the only way he gets business. Usually what happens is he shares a few images, people say what they're interested, and then they pay through our local banking apps.

The thing is that he usually doesn't make many of the same item, rather he makes different variants. Say for example, he was making a birthday card, he'd share an image, and someone could buy it. If someone else says they want it, he'll show them similar birthday cards and ask which one they're interested in.

What do you think makes sense here? He'd preferably like a site where he can show off his work, have a simple shop, and write a blog.

Should I still go for something like Etsy and keep the blog separate? I'd prefer not doing this

I thought using a service like Webflow/Wix/Squarespace/Shopify along with an e-commerce plugin would be a good idea.

If the costs don't matter, what would you suggest?

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