Coupon Codes and Sales for Newly Launched Site

I recently launched my store which sells a customized item both in low volume as well as bulk. To get started I ran some Facebook ads without any conversions but was driving traffic to the store. Last week I decided to run a Black Friday/Cyber Monday special with 20% off to see if that would help. I ran a Facebook ad using the exact same picture my previous ad that didn't yield any sales but added "20% off" to the copy which resulted in 4 sales and 50% more link clicks.

I think that the discount was a big reason for the increase in results. Now I am thinking about running the "Kohls/JCPenny" model by increasing my base price and always running a sale. Has anyone else done this? If so what are the results like?

Another question, how do you handle sales in a WooCommerce store? For ours we had a coupon code in the ad copy and put a banner up site wide reminding people to use the coupon code. This seemed clunky and unprofessional, so I am curious how others have sales on their sites?

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