[Help] We have a great product. People love it. We’re struggling to sell it online…

Hey Reddit – We need help selling our product: performance fabric dress shirts

[Sparknotes Version of Our Story]

– We made an amazing product:

– We went above and beyond to make the product with high-quality products (COGS: $45/shirt. This is nearly double the industry standard… we didn't cut corners, worked with top factories who treat their employees well, used top quality materials)

– We made 2,000 shirts. Sold 1,000 with amazing reviews/ feedback.

– COVID hits, we can't sell a single shirt online.

– We have 1,000 shirts in inventory. This inventory is preventing us from growing. We need to liquidate it. So we've priced it at our breakeven cost of $45/shirt. It's still not selling… so I'm here for some help to figure out what we're doing wrong + what we should be doing better.


[Dress Shirt Economics] COGS $45/shirt. MSRP: $125. Wholesale price for retailers: $65

[What makes our product different] Athletic fabric. Soft, stretchy, comfortable dress shirts.

[What we need help with] How to sell these 1,000 shirts as quickly as possible.

Really appreciate any/all feedback and guidance. Thanks!!!

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