i want learn a lot about seo and marketing

Hi everyone, my name is Ricardo and im starting in bussines, i have a mentor that teach me about Seo and marketing but i want learn to much, so in this post i want that everyone that can help me clarifying concepts, i had a idea about the concept of seo and marketing, but if someone can give me a explication about that, i will be very grateful, if you can give me and advice, tips, welcome, if you have an idea of something that you think that is important, welcome, everything can help me, if you have a youtube video that you think that can teach me a lot, share it, i know that seo is a strategy that is used to position you website in internet, that when you search something, your page or whatever appear first, this is a good way to grow up your bussines, because that should do that your bussines have mor visibility, and if more people see your thing, is more probable that they buy your thing, or use your services, that is my little idea of seo, comment, share information whit me and help to grow up, thanks and good night.

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