Question about schmoozing suppliers

My business partner works more with our suppliers than I do and he’s a very friendly kind of guy. He likes to schmooze and that’s great because I’m not good at that at all.

My partner has occasionally taken one of our reps out golfing when he’s in town, sending wine to his table if he knows he’s out to dinner, etc. Now he’s thinking we should send our reps gifts for Christmas.

I have just been wondering if this is normal in other industries? We’re a young business and work with many brands but don’t have such large sales volume that we’re big fish by any means. So it makes sense I guess to schmooze if it got us better pricing, but the rep is always saying he’ll look into it and hasn’t delivered.

I’m curious what others think? It’s not the expense I’m worried about, I just wonder if we come off as strange doing this type of thing and I just want to be as professional as possible.

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