USPS just picked up my packages in a random vehicle. Super weird.

I schedule USPS pickups and leave my bins out every morning for the mail carrier. I usually have a good amount, so the mail carrier comes back at the end of her shift to pick them up because her truck is full.

Today a random Toyota Camry was parked in my driveway and I first thought someone was trying to steal my packages. I went outside and the girl told me she worked with USPS and was picking them up because "Vicki" was behind (my regular mail carrier's name) and truck was full. She showed me her USPS ID as well, which I just searched up on Linkedin and could confirm it's the same girl and she works with USPS. When she finished up she rang my doorbell and told me sometimes they do that to help mail carriers when things are a bit behind.

In my 5 years shipping packages this is the first time my packages are picked up by someone not in a USPS truck. Has anyone else every experienced this? and is this a new thing USPS is doing or just during the holiday season? Really weird.

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