E-commerce – outgrowing my resources

Interesting Sub, I’m looking for some advice

While it is not my core competency, I backed some e-commerce experts for a wholesale startup a few years back. We’ve consistently had 300X growth year over year. It’s now about 20 employees and about $10M gross revenue. I’ve had one company I’ve grown bigger than this, but it was in a completely different sector.

The problem I have is I’ve outgrown my mentor and colleague network, to where most of the people I talk to can’t provide technical guidance on problem solving, new tools, tech, etc. while I appreciate all of the guidance they have given me, it now mostly focuses around risk management and guidance. Those are very important in the big picture, but doesn’t help with the day to say innovation.

Just curious if anyone is or has been in my shoes and give share some tips for scaling from the $10M to the $20-$50M range. I could use someone who has walked the path and willing to share their lessons.

We are starting to get into Private Label, ERTS as well.

Also, I am happy to provide any advice on the following sectors, having decades of experience in them: Real Estate Brokerage, Real Estate Development, Agriculture & Clean Energy.

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