Feedback request for my new e-commerce site

Hi guys!

Longtime lurker. I launched my business a few months ago, and am just about finished with design and implementation of all the features I want on there.

A little background: we were originally going to launch with some nice pet furniture and pet products (which we will actually be launching in a few months), but because of covid we pivoted towards masks. The mask we sell is something I invented, patented, and manufacture. Even though we are right now only offering the mask, we will pivot back to pet products soon.

So my questions are as follows:

1) how does the product offering/site design/layout look? Our bounce/conversion/KPI rates are all favorable, but I’m always open to feedback. I’ve been staring at and editing this site for nearly 9 months, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are obvious conversion boosting items I’m missing.

2) Any glaring errors or issues I need to fix?

3) With our pet products, the homepage will obviously be totally overhauled, but what are your recommendations for pivoting the homepage while still promoting the mask? Obviously these are two totally different product categories, and I always knew the transition would be awkward.

(A few small notes: we are rolling out reviews in a few weeks once we have enough reviews, and the shipping times are fluid and will be changing as time goes. The Instagram feed will be changed to improve Lighthouse score as well.)

Any and all input/feedback would be greatly appreciated! We are a small business and could use all the input we can get.

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