Is my site slow and general feedback for new ecommerce store

I recently launched a hockey puck customization ecommerce store Our target market is anyone who would need/want custom hockey pucks, which is broken down into two groups. The first is people who want one off/low volume unique pucks with their pictures or other customizations for keepsakes. The second is bulk custom pucks for organizations like ice rinks or hockey clubs.

I am concerned that the site is too slow though because we have a high bounce rate on our ads traffic. We send clicks are directed to the custom hockey puck product page. Our site is WooCommerce and hosted on Godaddy's managed ecommerce. My page speeds from Google insights and GTmetrix are inconsistent. I have installed Autoptimize and subscribed to Critical CSS to try and speed things up. Does my site seem slow to others? Does anyone have suggestions on how to speed it up?

Any other feedback and comments regarding the site are welcome.

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