3PL – third party logistics recs?

Trying to move from a fulfillment agent in China to a US fulfillment center. I'm kinda looking for a long term solution for various products, but right now the product that I have requires lots of inserts / promotional items. Inside of each order — for example, I would be putting a free bracelet + 2 business cards, all with the item inside of a drawer-box. Would shipbob, shipmonk and some of those other ones be able to handle this level of detail?

Also, can anyone speak to their experiences / recommend any 3pl / working with alibaba suppliers? Do you need them to prelabel products with barcodes/sku's?

Has anyone fulfilled orders on their own? Doesn't it get a bit complicated — do you need a license for running a fulfillment center / need a forklift or something if your shipments come on pallets.

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