Email Capture Popup: Privy, Justuno, or Klaviyo?

Hello good people,

I own a Shopify store, and I want to implement Discount and Exit-intent popups.

I am trying to decide between Privy, Justuno, and Klaviyo popups.

What is important to me is to not decrease the speed of my store, and to not have glitches/bugs when popup implemented.

I have implemented Privy popups, but they do have a glitch: when a user adds to cart and popup happen at the same time – browser freezes. I have contacted them regarding this and they already know about this glitch, and they are about to solve it (who knows when…).

So, which one would you suggest to me besides Privy, and why?

Of course, reasonable suggestions besides these 3 are welcome.


ps I am using Klaviyo email marketing

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