Looking for a thing, keyword research?

Short background:
My husband is a fairly successful eCommerce seller in Korea. He now wants to expand into English speaking markets.
As his native English speaker wife I have been identified as free labour. Yay.

My first task is to find a kind of website. I don't know what the English name would be.
To identify new products to sell on his six shops, my husband has a subscription to this kind of search engine website.
You can plug in keywords and see how much they have been searched vs how many other online shops are selling the same items.
It also comes up with a list of related searches that gives the same info.
Okay pretty obvious this is keyword research tool.

The next part is the tricky one.
His website has "Item discovery" section.
You can select topics, for example beauty, baby & children, electronics & computers etc.
Then playing with filters and suggested keywords you can narrow it more and more until you hit upon an item name with high searches but low competition with other online stores.

He's tasked me with finding an English equivalent that can also narrow down the search by region instead of global.

So for a random example we could search:
Region: Poland, Topic: Beauty, Keywords: Korean, Face, Mask, Filters: Search Volume = high, # of Products Being Sold, Intensity of Competition = low.

Does anything like this exist for English speakers? What even would I call it to search for it?
All I've been turning up is keyword finder tools for SEO, nothing for discovering new products.

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