Oracle’s Commerce and Content Cloud: A Game Changer for Online Shopping Experiences

If you’re anything like me, the increase in online shopping in recent months may be turning you into a bit of an online shopping snob. For example, when shopping for a set of specialty soccer socks for my competitive soccer player, I abandoned the online shopping cart because I couldn’t find out how to add more items to my measly $15 order. I will also abandon the cart when I cannot find the right coupon code for my order. I get frustrated. I leave.    

Similarly, when shopping on my phone, I’ve struggled with sites that take me to a separate page, then yet again to another page where I can’t seem to get back to where I originally started. I’m actively looking to buy, but the technology is not providing a great customer experience which is preventing my next purchase.

There’s a solution.

Recently, I sat through a demo of Oracle's commerce and content cloud solution from both the user and administrative perspectives. It was an end-to-end shopping experience that demonstrated how content can be shared consistently across every channel and tailored to the user. Below is the short-list of my favorite benefits from the administrator and customer perspective, along with the value they bring to your business.

Content and commerce administrator benefits

Usually, I’d begin any benefit list with the benefit to the customer, but I’m excited to start here, as the administration of the tool is so intuitive and easy to use.

Admin Benefits

Oracle Cloud Enabler

Increase cart sales with up-sell and cross-sell

Utilize the “recommended items” or use the bundling and packaging capabilities. Add story-based content at scale to address persona-based selling

Advanced video capabilities and support

Conduct video tagging and benefit from easy video publishing features and advanced video analysis

Save admin time with smart tagging via AI, machine learning & natural language processing

Let the AI/ML image recognition tools save you an enormous amount of time when you upload images and content. Oracle automatically helps identify, tag, and categorize your images

Workflow optimization

Use the agile workflow capabilities to optimize content or commerce approval workflows, annotate content, or collaborate with your teams

Consistent content

Sync your content between commerce, product catalogs, and your marketing collateral across all devices

Integrate and extend

Whether it is utilizing existing repositories or your marketing-preferred creative tools, you can integrate or extend your capabilities with native or pre-built connectors to maximize your reach

Fast delivery

Rapidly deploy micro-sites with templates and an API-first approach that allows content to be published quickly. Increase your time to market with built-in editors

Increased customer engagement with enriched site content

Teams can upload various new content types to the site like blogs, articles, videos, and buying guides to enhance the buyer’s experience

Effortless search & discovery

Manage your search with “relevant” words and visual search capabilities

Customer online shopping benefits

Customer Benefits

Oracle Cloud Enabler

Personalized shopping experiences

The customer receives relevant content, products, and notifications tailored to their personal needs based on AI and machine learning capabilities

Responsive user interface

The customer can look at content on any device and the content will be formatted for easy reading

Delighted customer

The recommended products and packaged bundles provide an optimized shopping experience for customers

Intuitive search

Oracle’s machine learning helps users search and discover the products they are looking for effortlessly

Knowledgeable buyer

The customer benefits from consistent and timely messaging and how-to videos but is also made aware of different options and packages available that match customer-specific needs

The value of content and commerce together

Content and commerce are like two happy socks that don’t get separated in the dryer. They belong together, and it doesn’t make sense to separate them in the first place. The value of these two capabilities working together provides a unique, personal experience for customers at scale. The combination provides the agility to adapt and quickly build new experiences for our ever-changing world and your customer’s changing needs.

While you can check out some of the resources and video links I’ve provided below, I also suggest requesting an end-to-end demo from Oracle to customize your experience. The resources are informative and will provide insight into some of the different features, but a tailored demo may help you conceptualize how these solutions can solve for your specific use cases.

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