How to sell pre-order reservations (pay $10 now, pay the rest when it ships)?

Hi everyone! I need some advice on how to implement something. We are launching a new product that retails for $300. Our goal is to sell a limited quantity of pre-order reservations at $10, and collect the rest of the sum later when the product is shipped. Because the batch is limited quantity, we want to make sure that only those who purchased the reservation ticket will have access to the final product purchase later on. The tools we are looking at are Unbounce + Shopify, but we are open to other suggestions. Maybe I am missing something obvious. How do people usually implement this kind of thing?

I've brainstormed some ways to do it, but they all fall short:

A) Sell the reservation separately from the final product, with individual serial numbers, and have the customer use it as a passcode: shopify can only do this but the customer would have to pick their own serial number, in the same manner as you would pick the colour of a sweater. Not the best UX.

B) Sell the reservation separately from the final product, email everyone the same passcode for the final purchase: can't stop them from sharing the link around.

C) Same as above, but send magic links in email for the final sale that expire once a purchase is made through the link: have to generate and send 100 links individually.

D) Sell the final product but use a partial-pay shopify app for downpayment: Have to pay for subscription, costs too much for just one project.

E) Regular pre-order routes: Customer has to pay everything upfront. Our landing page is meant to gauge interest, and is not the final sale page. It's unlikely that someone would pay $300 upfront based on the page we have.

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!!

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