Need help selling Italian kitchen products online.

Hello all,

So a buddy of mine and I recently gained access to a warehouse full of Italian kitchen products (sinks, refrigerators, small parts) that belong to a reputable local company but are unable to be sold due to the condition being delivered not as described (some items arrived scratched/dented), different colorways that were not intended, etc. Anyway, the company is giving us access to the full inventory of the items that they can't sell and tasked us to sell them all to ideally clear up some space within the warehouse.

We are fairly new to e-commerce, although familiar with large online marketplaces like eBay, Shopify online stores, local selling alternatives like Craigslist, and we're looking to get some help to get our feet off the ground with this project. We realize we can easily create an online shop, but getting clients would be the most difficult aspect of this (we have zero reputation whatsoever) so we're looking for an online marketplace where we can hopefully list our items and ship them out to buyers directly. Are there any marketplaces you guys are familiar with that solely focuses on kitchen gear?

We're looking to just make an account and begin selling with ease; not really looking to purchase any licenses, etc. We also have no problem selling to larger retailers who may be able to get rid of the items for us… we've just been fairly unsuccessful with our research and are looking for a second opinion from others. Thank you for the help in advance and apologies if this was posted in the wrong subreddit (if so, refer me to where I should post).

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