Charging 25-35% commission to sell other people’s artwork on a local online shop.

Sorry if this post doesn't belong here. Not sure where to put it…

Someone has approached me to sell my work via their online shop. Targeting local art from the town, which is niche. I already have experience with Etsy, amazon and my own shop and want to expand my reach. They have a local following and my artwork collection suits that following. It's the only pro actually.

Cons: I don't think they have adequate marketing in place, rely on their sellers to share online and word of mouth locally. they are charging a flat fee of 35% and are offering 25% at the moment due to the pandemic. But will likely increase it after pandemic is settled.

It's meant to be like amazon and etsy. But they only charge 6.25% and 15%. I know places like 'not on the highstreet' charge 25% commission and a large joining fee. But their marketing is done well. And I've heard people getting £20k plus or more every year. The manager is not on that level yet, and don't have many sellers at the moment too.

I'm already swamped with my own orders, admin and shipping and have a full time job. Plus I'm worried I'm robbing myself. Good idea to join or not?

Tldr; Is charging 20-30% commission to sell other people's artwork online a rip off?

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