Charging more than 30 times the original price. The ETHICS of dropshipping.

Hello! Sorry if this topic has been discussed here before, this is my first time I’ve been in this subreddit.

A classmate bought neon pens online for €35, only to find out that the same pens are on AliExpress for only €1,09. Apparently, she bought the neon pens on a dropshipping website. The whole class came to a discussion after she told her story. Half of the class felt it was her own fault that she had been ‘scammed’, while the other half felt that the concept of dropshipping was rather illegal. We found out during the discussion that dropshipping is in fact perfectly legal, at least not in The Netherlands. Still, people thought she was scammed in an unethical way.

I was curious about your responses, because I think most of you have a different way of thinking as you have a lot of experience in e-commerce. Do you think it is scam if someone pays almost 30 times the original price in an unethical way?

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