Crazy e-commerce product idea: Soyuz Space parachute bags

I had a crazy e-commerce product idea a few years ago. I asked myself: "How do you create a product like a shoulder/messenger bag IMPOSSIBLE to copy?" Simple; feature an original piece of landing parachute from the International Space Station Soyuz mission on the front and turn it into a “bag with a story”. A bag with something that actually went into space.

I went to Moscow; met with cosmonauts and got pieces of authentic Soyuz landing parachutes with a signed letter certifying the origin. I had bags made (in 2005) and I found in the basement (recently moved) a very limited number left in a box (25); that I am offering to people looking for a truly unique bag. I have since moved on to other projects working with Cirque du Soleil on bags made from bigtops for instance and growth marketing. This is the last time Soyuz bags are offered since I will not be making any more bags (no local manufacturer). This is kind of the end of Soyuz bags for me.

I would love to hear your comments If you think this was a crazy/stupid/brilliant idea. I still have a very large piece of Soyuz parachute if someone has another crazy product idea.

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