Oracle Named a Leader in the Omdia Universe: Selecting a Customer Engagement Platform, 2020-21 …

As human beings, our experiences define us. Everything we do—as individuals, as consumers, as employees—is made up of a series of interconnected experiences. They shape our identities, set our expectations, and inform our decisions. 

Leading brands recognize the opportunity to create value through connected experiences by engaging with customers through digital means and real-time updates. In the past, brands relied heavily on CRM applications as a system of record. Over the years, Oracle heavily invested in evolving its applications into a unified platform for customer engagement (CEP). 

According to Omdia, “CEPs provide a faster route to an omnichannel capability, especially when connected with operational systems to close the loop on brand promises and give customers much greater control.”

Given this intensified focus on improving customer engagement, I am pleased to announce that Oracle was named a 'Leader' in the Omdia Universe: Selecting a Customer Engagement Platform 2020-21 report. As stated in the report, “Oracle should appear on your shortlist if you want to optimize your business for consumers.” Oracle CX applications successfully bring front- and back-office processes together to empower whoever gets to the customer first with the necessary data needed to make that experience seamless and memorable.

Oracle’s position as a Leader in the Omdia report reaffirms the strength of our cross CX interconnected capabilities and shows our ability to: 

  • Unify all digital selling channels, online and offline
  • Fuel sales experiences with the best, vetted company data from back-office systems
  • Adapt to selling models, such as subscriptions, to drive more predictable revenue streams
  • Offer intelligent, prescriptive selling journeys for employees, as well as the customers they serve 

According to the report, “Oracle is one of the only vendors that can support the back office (where critical CX data lives), financials, supply chain, ERP, order management, product, pricing, and contracts, all associated with fulfilling the brand promise.” 

The full suite of Oracle CX technologies goes beyond traditional CRM to help you build and manage lasting customer relationships. Take action in every moment that matters—from customer acquisition to retention—and everything in between. 

To learn more, download a free excerpt copy of the Omdia Universe: Selecting a Customer Engagement Platform, 2020-21 report.

Or, if you would like to dive a little deeper, feel free to visit our webpage, where you can learn more about our CX solution and engage with our specialists. 

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