Product photos: sacrifice white background looking a little blotchy in favour of small file size?


I have a few hundred product photos which need to be much smaller for the website to load in an acceptable time.

All photos have a white background. I've adjusted the aspect ratio in photoshop and need to reduce the quality when exporting to save on file size. I've found that reducing the image quality to even 30% doesn't reduce the size sufficiently. If I reduce to 10 or 20%, the size is fine and the actual product still looks pretty good. However, reducing even to 70% quality results in the white background looking a little blotchy, which increases a little with each reduction in quality.

Would you say this is an acceptable trade-off? My site is pretty slow and this is the last thing I know of which I can do to speed it up. Now, my photos can be around 60kb and it's just the background which is slightly off, noticeable but not too ugly.

Or, has anyone found a way around this? I tried to put the background transparent but the photos have too many little details and it's going to take me days to do it in photoshop.

Here's a comparison: Clicking the first option for 'type' shows the image with the a good file size but poorer quality that I'm thinking of changing all photos to (I'll also be changing the aspect ratio so it's consistent). The other 'types' have photo which I'm happy enough with the quality of but the file size is still too big.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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