What are killer ecommerce features?

While scrolling through the web I often come across nifty little features.

Some people might not even notice them, but for me most of them add value to the shopping experience.

What are the most "KILLER" Shopping Features you noticed? I thought it would be nice to collect a little list and collect ideas.

Here my top points:

1. Sticky elements

Peel, Jumia and burberry are a few examples. Peel gives you a button similar to the "jump to top" buttons you often see. Except they give you the easy possibillity to jump back to the add to cart option. Burberry takes it even further and lets everything scoll on the product page EXCEPT the add to cart option.

If you want to interpretate it a bit further: Sticky content in general. Really THINK about what is important to the user on each site. If the user is scrolling through a category give him sticky filters to help him find the right product. If he is on the start page of your site give him a sticky navigation with the main product categories. And on the product page it's the add to cart.

2. Cheering

It may seem small but in my experience it can push conversionrates quite a bit. Don't just display the cart and say: Add to cart – Sucess. Rather use something to make the user confident about his decision! Something like "Good choice! This is your product:"

3. Main CTA

Actually this goes somewhat in the direction of the first point. But ALWAYS have your main CTA above the fold. On EVERY site. If you have a huge range of products, maybe it's a big search bar with the cta "Find your product here".

4. Always displaying producs

Meaning always. Even if you want to throw a 404 or have no results for a search. Give the User your 4 top categories and your 4 top bestsellers. Sephora is a nice example for this one.

  1. Get your data straight

And by that I don't only mean the data you are giving to the costumer (do all your products have the right filter atributes, are they in ALL relevant categories?). But also the data your customers are giving to you. Make it easy for them. Give them the right keyboards (mobile) for each form element. SOme people might not know it, but there ARE different keyboard options for numbers, mal adresses, texts, … And ONLY ask for data that is necessary. Every unnecessary information you are asking for is distracting the user from the purchase.

Do YOU have something to add? 🙂

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