Best quality POD?

This is my second run at a clothing line, and things are already looking up. This time I'm going to use a POD company though.

I've gotten everything set up with Printify because the website is just easiest to use IMO, (i can actually set the size of my design by typing it in, which printful doesn't allow) but lately i've been reading horror stories about the quality and now I just really don't know what to do. I'm gonna order some samples but it just doesn't seem like that is a great quality check because they can be so off and on with their quality, particularly with the location of the printing.

I know that with printify you have the option to choose between many different print companies and people seem to kinda just move around to who is not messing up at the time, which sounds like a nightmare. Are there any other options out there? Would it be worth it to just continue with Printify and hope that everything is mostly okay?

I've also heard terrible things about printiful as well, albeit less. I just really don't like that i can't set the actual dimensions on my designs so they will be the same throughout every product. I understand that there is just a general risk with POD, and especially during covid and near the holidays, which I hope to avoid by delaying my launch a few months.

Also, its not really viable at first but I think it would make sense just ordering in bulk from the POD then shipping out to my customers, once I know what sells. Does anyone have experience with this?

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