eCommerce Platform with Good Clothing Listing Features?

I am trying to help a friend spin up their online shop presence. I have looked at a variety of eCommerce platforms, but it is a bit overwhelming. At the moment, they are wanting to sell art and clothes. The platform they chose seems super clunky for them. To make this simple, I will focus on one specific feature – selling an article of clothing.

Desired functionality – in a single listing, provide the usual choices one sees on the major clothing vendors:

  • Style/fabric choice
  • Color choice; ideally in the main browsable listing it could show color circles at the base of the item to let the user know there are choices for that item and what they are before clicking on the item
  • Size choice
  • Print choice (e.g., front vs. back)

I would imagine in today's market there would be some platforms with out-of-the-box functionality for this, but I was unable to find it when I searched.

Bonus points if it also has good options for listing art (not sure what those would be, TBH).

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