Getting sales by highlighting sustainability for Ecommerce Fashion Stores


As I'm sure most of us are aware, the importance of sustainability for fashion retailers is becoming ever more important.

The future of fashion marketing will see increased transparency around ethical and sustainable production. More than ever before, consumers consider the use of sustainable materials to be important when buying clothes. In addition, consumers look at how a brand promotes sustainability.

We felt that sustainability isn't being suitably highlighted by Shopify retailers.

As a result, we launched a Shopify app called the Fashion Impact Tool.

Our tool is used to help retailers highlight their sustainability efforts and build enduring relationships with their customers. Sustainability is increasingly important to customers and will be particularly topical post-BFCM.

Fashion Impact is easy to use and, as you are already on Shopify, hassle-free to install. Our tool uses AI to extract data from your inventory and displays banners with positive sustainability ratings at the product-level, as well as at the bottom of the customer cart. Although you can customize the banners and ratings where you see fit, the heavy-lifting is done by our software so won't require any extra effort from you.

I hope this is useful for anyone that wants to highlight their eco-friendly efforts.


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