I’m new here, however I’m desperate for feedback on my website


Forgive me, despite being a redditor for many years, I've only just discovered this sub-reddit (I know, I'm a bit of an idiot…but there we go).

Anyway, cutting a huge long story short (and I know you guys are really busy), but I'm desperate for feedback on my weight-loss site. In truth, I've been having websites for the last 10 years, but this is the most promising one (in my opinion, which of course, in the real world, means nothing 😉

If you are interested, the site is (I know the articles are a week old now, as I have been focusing my efforts on paid advertising for feedback, but to little avail. Also, I have even a simple survey that kicks in when you leave the page, with some audios as a bribe to complete the survey, and that doesn't seem to work either…)

Any feedback is appreciated (I'm not trying to sell anything, promise)

I know it's amateur looking, but this is the best theme I can find that does the job, which is to promote weight loss info from across the web.

Anyway, waffling to one side, what do you guy think?

A big thanks in advance

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