Need advice for DIY thumb drive shipping & order fulfillment.

Hello – I'm looking for advice/guidance on shipping/mailing out single USB/thumb drives ordered from my website (and maybe Amazon).


I developed a STEM-based computer game and it's about 500 MB (some version are over 15 GB) so I want to offer it on a USB/thumb drive for those who don't want to download it (or can't because limited Internet). The USB/thumb drives are very small and light (1.5" X 0.5" and ~2oz). It looks like E-Bay has affordable prices for small bubble envelopes (4" X 6"), and I have an old color laser printer.


So far, that's as far as I've gotten towards a complete solution. I've tried reading through info on the website but that information is more confusing than helpful. I have no idea how to calculate the mailing costs after reading dozens of pages. I anticipate initially selling less than 1000 USBs/mailings over a 6 month period, but guessing that is like throwing darts in the dark.


Any suggestions/advice/guidance greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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