Dropshipping vs Web Development. Which one is the best investment for my time?

I been learning web development on my free time, and although it's really interesting how websites are built and how they work, I'm not really passionate about it. I think to myself sometimes that I'm learning all these syntaxes (codes) just to work for someone else being infront of a computer for 8-10hrs a day. Seems kind of depressing. Honestly,the only reason I'm learning web development is because it pays really well if you get hired,and the fact that it's not a physical job. I have a bad low back,so I can't get into the trades (electrician,auto mechanic,plumber etc),so web development seems like the only well payed career I could do,and that is somewhat interesting. Also,I lately been interested in dropshipping because I seen many young guys in different sub reddits,facebook groups and forums having success with it. Some have even posted of quitting their jobs because they make great money with dropshipping.
I have tried to do dropshipping in the past but failed because I picked a super competitive niche. Despite that I have thought of giving it another shot. Should I continue learning web development even though I'm not that passionate about it? Or should I drop it and fully committ to learning dropshipping and starting my own business?

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