How generous do you have to be with your customers?

Hi there,

I have a customer service and sales related question hope you can give me some advice. We have a new product that launched 2 months ago and we made a promo code for the customers to use it which gives 20% off the price. In the begining we only communicated it through PPC and one could see it on the FAQ page. When we started to get more orders in the past weeks we added the promo code info to the main page too and the checkout.

As people organically saw the promo code in the FAQ, not on the main page or heard of it, reached out to our CS to refund the difference or cancel the order so they will re-order it with the code. They usally tell us that they forgot to use it. My question is do you have to be so generous that you refund the difference every time or just say cancel the order and order it again or there is no way to make this happen like in any other stores you buy something it's not that easy to refund a price of something. In this way will PayPal be suspicious about your store that you make 1 refund after 50 sellings?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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