If You Wanted to Know Anything about Video SEO, what would it be?


I know the main reason that we want to know more about Video SEO is so to increase revenue. I'm asking on behalf on SEO/SEM questions that you may have when it comes to Video SEO specifically.

More and more people are looking at video way more than text articles. While text articles are still very useful as a way to capture highly interested leads, text simply doesn't have the reach of video currently has. With that in mind, even getting started on Video SEO puts you at an advantage as your competitors as they view it as too expensive in time and money.

I don't have anything to sell (at least, not yet anyway). However, I am interested in knowing what to focus on – at least, for all our shared self-interest. It's something that I can definitely going to try myself.

Before I go off on other tangent, if there's anything that you wanted to know about Video SEO or YouTube SEO (and yes, these are 2 separate interconnected topics) than feel free to tell me in the comments.

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