Please read: thinking of drop shipping? Read this!!!

Okay. So I’ve been wanting to get into e-commerce for a long time, specifically drop shipping. I’ve been studying marketing and all the nitty gritty things required to make a successful business. What I can tell all that are thinking of doing drop shipping is, please don’t do the traditional Ali express drop shipping. I see so many people on this subreddit flaming the drop shipping business model. Instead you should give advice on alternatives. What I can say is to be successful in these days and moving forward, you WILL NEED TO private label / start a brand. Don’t just make a website and throw a product on. It will be very hard to compete these days with all the competition. If your not gonna put in the effort and make / grow a sustainable brand, you should save your money or donate it rather then just wasting it, cause that’s literally what you will be doing. Find a product that helps people, think outside of the box. Then brand it, get custom packaging, test it, find a private agent that can get you less then 14 day shipping. It’s all possible, and have seen it with my own eyes. Take this advice and you will be well off!! Feel free to ask any questions!

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