Please review my ecommerce clothing site [Spanish]

Hi! I would like to get an honest review of my site because even if I think it's ok in terms of design and performance, I developed it so I'm kind of biased.

We've made a few sales and people have told us that the site looks good but I'm always looking to improve.

Just as a FYI, it's not a dropsipping site. Yes, we do sell Shein clothing but we actually have inventory (not of every item though), but the actual problem we're trying to solve is that the only way Shein ships to El Salvador (my country) is via China Post and it can take up to 3 months to be delivered (we made a few test orders one of which is still to be delivered). So we partnered with a few travel agencies to lower the cost and provide better delivery times.

Anyway, I would like to know what can be improved, what can help us grow and anything else you may want to add. Be aware that the site is in Spanish since that's the language that's spoken in my country.

Here's the url:

Thanks in advance!

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