Suggestions: USPS shows 83 shipments with no initial scan… Now what?

Long story short, I have 83 USPS shipments missing in transit with no initial scan. I drop off the large USPS post bags at my local UPS Store every day along with my UPS shipments. Never had an issue until now.

I started to get inquiries from customers this weekend and looked at my shipping software to see that Dec 7 orders are all pre-shipment. One day's worth of orders, 2 large USPS bags = 83 packages. What should my next steps be? Since it's so close to Christmas, I feel obligated to ship out replacements asap for what I still have in inventory–although I don't have everything still in stock ( I sell a lot of giftable items).

These are my thoughts:

1) Call the UPS Store tomorrow morning

2) Call the regional post office right after

3) Spend a few hours reaching out to customers and creating new shipments

4) Drink a bunch for losing a grand worth of inventory…

Any other suggestions?

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