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Hello r/ecommerce!

I get lost in what online platforms to use in managing our businesses and how each of them integrate. I have read a countless number of anecdotes on this subreddit and others on the best ways to integrate various facets of our businesses. This time I'd like to ask for suggestions based on my businesses "software stack". I'm looking for integration solutions and suggestions that can help us optimize efficiency. The major systems we use are listed below.

Shopify – ecommerce & PoS

Quickbooks Online – Bookkeeping & Inventory Tracking

FB Business Manager – Social Media post scheduling & FB Ads

Hubspot – CRM & some digital online marketing

Asana – Task management

I would love to hear everyone's individual experience, software stacks, and integration strategies. If it would help to understand what my goals are, I'm happy to elaborate!

Thanks for your help.

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