Customers click out when this is not in place.

When a buyer clicks in your product, the next step before the sale is to make sure you're in harmony with his frame of thought.

Online selling is about matching the right products, with the right person, in the right place at the right time.

Getting your product right (relevant) is not all. You need to make sure you keep that person comfortable because you know from where he is coming from. This is done through being relevant in your writing, both in the product, the placement, and the person who is reading.

Take this example, from a product from amazon with almost 1000 reviews, a firefighter Christmas ornament says:

"Celebrate the firefighter in your life with this 4.5-Inch Firefighter Uniform Ornament from Kurt Adler."

This is a small example from a 13-dollar product, but it explains what I mean. This seems to be bought more by women why are married to a firefighter. With this knowledge in mind making this statement does a very good job.

It knows the person who buys, it matches intent and search query (Christmas season ornament/firefighter gift) and it reminds them why they want it by using they're wishes (to celebrate the firefighter in their lives). Since this type of gift is very intimate, and it's obvious that is for married people living together it saves a lot of writing. But if the product is expensive and it's not so obvious who the targets are there's a lot more you could write and remind your products about, so they click buy.

So, creating this harmony with a person's mindset will keep them reading, then you build rapport with your understanding of the person and showing them why they should buy your products by using theyir wants, pains, frustrations which you must know.

Priming is another strategy that's very powerful. Priming just means making a person aware of something consciously or unconsciously. You can find a list of buying habits or things that persuaded your customer in the past and apply them to your product.

With priming you can create a theme, a state of mind, an identity or tone (if they belong to a group, you can use words of that group and make them feel comfortable) you can prime authority through words, quality, making them remember pains, fears, desires and many more things…

What do you think about this? Give me your opinions or add some insight from your experience!

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