Create a website to compare products in a niche. Spec not price.

I wonder if any one can has any ideas or can point me in the right direction, I want to create a simple website that compares products with their spec. I will use cars for example, I sell cars and you get questions like how does X compare to Y, or what's the MPG like against A,B & C. (think apples laptop comparison page)

Rather than one big website with all categories I want lots of sites that would be specific like "Pick-up Comparisons" and it would have a grid with the models from different brands and list in the table all the spec so it is easy to compare. Then one for 'covertables' etc

Its not cars that I want to compare but if this information was on hand and neatly presented for the niche I want to sell in then I think it would be invaluable to the customer to make a decision. If there could be a reviews section on each product to help inform the customer then even better and a blog secition for write ups etc like top 3 best products, or top budget product.

I then would like to link the products to affiliate links but the main attraction to the site will be the information and to easily compare.

My only option at the moment is Shopify with apps but I would like to a simpler one page option really.

thanks in advance.

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