“Oracle Impresses with AI” According to Forrester’s Experience Optimization Wave …

Optimizing experiences to match customer preferences, tastes, and behavior is an integral part of modern-day marketing. Customer journeys have changed significantly over the past few years. One size does not fit all, and brands need to respond in real-time, for each customer, at scale, and in an automated fashion. At Oracle Marketing, this thinking shapes our strategic vision around connected data and connected intelligence. We recognized early that real-time data and AI sit at the core of marketing transformation. Through our Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence and Maxymiser Testing and Optimization products, we are on a mission to help brands optimize customer lifecycle engagement through understanding real-time user behavior at a granular level and automating the decision-making process for marketers.

Our efforts are being noticed, with Forrester writing "Oracle impresses with AI" in a recent Experience Optimization Wave report.

Optimizing the customer experience with AI 

AI is transforming many activities and industries, from driving to medicine to writing emails. Machine learning-based algorithms help humans make smart decisions quicker, lower the cognitive load, and improve the productivity and effectiveness of the task. Even in creative fields, state of the art language models, such as GPT-3, are writing full-fledged articles and novels and generating synthetic images for use in marketing campaigns.

At Oracle Marketing, we've made a significant investment in data science, which is now making a dent for customers across all our products, giving them the ability to:

  • Decide whether and when to send an email/message to a customer
  • Pick the right channel to send that message
  • Predict subject lines that best deliver the message

When a user visits a website, our unified CX Tag helps us have real-time understanding of user behavior and intent using clicks, scrolls, downloads, views, dwell-time, and numerous other parameters. Our machine learning models can act upon this wealth of high-fidelity data at sub-second latency, predict users' next actions, recommend appropriate products (or content or offers), and optimize experiences on-the-fly. We have built a machine-learning framework to allow any developer or data scientist to quickly roll out their algorithmic models and iterate rapidly on them. This framework underpins our data science across the entire Oracle Marketing stack.

The Forrester Wave™: Experience Optimization Platforms, Q4 2020 report gave us 5.0/5.0 scores in the criteria of product vision and experience optimization technique innovation. We're also thankful to our customers for validating our approach and excited about all the new product launches we have lined up for 2021.

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